Sunday, January 01, 2012


I posted twice on my blog in 2010 and twice in 2011.  How about I start out 2012 with a blog post?

Not much to say at the moment, as I’ve been sick for three weeks.  I just coughed through the second half of December.  Doc says it’s likely pneumonia.  The cough is just horrible, and each day I think I’m finally getting better, another coughing fit and back to what feels like square one.  I’ve been in this darn house for four days now.  The steroids for my lungs keep me awake.  Ugh.  Happy New Year!  I guess it can only get better from here, right?

There’s so much I want to do in 2012 and so much I NEED to do.  I’ve got to stay focused and ensure that I go after what I want.  I feel like the past few years have just “happened” and I’ve sat on the sidelines watching in disgust.  There have been way too many disappointments and it’s time to turn this ship around and get back to the Kirsten that got lost.

I’ve got a new website – thought of the name all on my own!

If you want to get technical, the site is really , but that’s a dumb url so I took care of that!

I love Usborne books and Amelia is now hooked – she’s reading!  I don’t know what she’s going to do in the fall when she gets to Kindergarten.  I hope their ready for my genius child.

The books are really fantastic – check ‘em out for yourself and order a few.  If you need more details or have any questions, just drop me a line.  I’m on Facebook at

So, let’s see where 2012 takes us, but rather, I’d like to see where I take it!

Love to all,

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