Monday, May 18, 2015

Volcanos, Road Trips, and the Burbs

Volcanos, Road Trips, and the Burbs

25 Years in Seattle!  Yep, it was 25 years today that I arrived fresh off the ferry from Alaska.  The sun was brightly shining then as it is right now.  I checked out of my dorm in Fairbanks, drove to Sitka, caught the ferry to Bellingham, and then used my Thomas Guide to navigate to my rental home in the University District.  All this on my own with $800 in my pocket and a pet beta fish on the front seat.  I had a brand spanking new Bachelor’s degree in hand and was ready for any and everything.

There have been so many adventures – too many to count.  Here’s a silly list of some of the major components of my life.  What time of my life do you most remember? 
  • Home
    • University District, Ballard, Crown Hill, Edmonds, Lake City, Bothell
  • Churches
    • University Presbyterian, Meadowbrook, Canyon Hills, Inglewood Presbyterian
  • Jobs
    • Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Schwartz Brothers Catering, Security Pacific Bank, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle, Nintendo, John L Scott
  • Cars
    • Renault Alliance, Nissan Sentra, VW Camper Bus, Toyota Camry
  • Home-Based Businesses
    • Tupperware, Creative Memories, Usborne Books
  • Parenting
    • Evergreen Hospital, Elite Kids of Kirkland, Mack Elementary 
Through this amazing journey I have experienced lots of life lessons, met cherished friends, and created a family with my love Gene.  My mind is flooded with all the memories. 

Spring for me has always been such a special time – fresh new beginnings, the garden opening up, the days getting longer.  But 10 years ago, in May 2005, our joy was stripped away.  I’ll never forget it, as my heart broke and I was changed forever.  Noah Michael Lowry is your name and you’ll always be our son.

So 25 years after that spring day when I drove into town, I find myself a wife, mom, and real estate broker living in the Seattle suburbs raising a beautiful little girl.  It’s a busy and yet simple life.  We need to buy a new washing machine, but will likely buy a small travel camper instead.  Simple, just simple.

As for the volcano – Mount St. Helens erupted 35 years ago today.  I was an 8th grader living in Missoula, Montana.  The town was shut down for four full days while ash cleanup ensued.  I’ve got bags of the stuff somewhere in storage. 

Our Seattle family of friends is huge and we so appreciate your friendship.  My Seattle journey has been remarkable.  Cheers to the next 25!!

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