Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Men & Gadgets

They do seem to go hand in hand. Picture this …

You’re sitting in the exam room waiting for your midwife to come in. It’s been less than a minute since the nurse left with your vitals neatly recorded. Your husband spots a new toy from across the room. He retrieves from the counter a plastic model of the female reproductive system, each individual plastic piece fitting together to form an intricate puzzle. He checks it out thoroughly in an effort to figure out where his daughter has been living for the past eight months.

In an instance, the model implodes in his hands and scatters in what appears to him to be hundreds of pieces all over the floor. I immediately start laughing so hard I’m crying. He, on the other hand, is quite focused and is scrambling to gather fallopian tubes, ovaries, and a uterus from the floor. After a few moments and some searching for a missing ovary, the puzzle model in complete again. Still not laughing, he puts the model back, sits down and simply states with a smile “I just shouldn’t touch things”. This from the man who drops everything. I still cannot stop laughing. He now relaxes and joins me in completely cracking up. We slowly contain ourselves and in walks Michelle the midwife.

We review our birth plan and Gene’s desire to not only cut the cord, but to actually deliver/catch his baby as she’s born. He admits his concern about dropping her and is assured that she will not let this happen. He then briefly recounts the events of the past ten minutes. Michelle is now laughing and in tears.

Now why can’t all medical office visits be this fun? Relax and enjoy the moment.


Kendra said...

That is priceless. Not doubt brought a smile to my face. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've got this blog going - helps me feel "not-so-far-away" from you! And you have these memories in writing - ready for the baby book. Gene - You're a doll! I'm so glad you're going to the visits, and so proud of you for your aniticipated participation. Shannon "caught" Emma - a father/daughter bond right from the start! Love & Hugs- Heidi & family

Jody Peters said...

I loved this "touching" story! Gives a whole new meaning to collapsed uterus. Ha ha!

This is SO much better than when I was pregnant...100 years ago. Daddies just didn't go to the doctor appointments and they certainly weren't encouraged to be in the delivery room. That was so archaic. You guys have the right idea! Keep on havin' fun and stay healthy!


tina said...

This will go in my file of "things sure to make me laugh on a crappy day"!! Absolutely hysterical. This would be one for a funniest home videos show :)

So excited for you to be right there for baby girl to take her first breath. Cheers!