Thursday, June 01, 2006

God has blessed us with another pregnancy!

God has blessed us with another pregnancy!

Again, we’ve fallen in love with the kicks from within and the images seen with the ultrasound.

She is due to arrive around August 7th. Yes, our medical team tells us to expect a little lady.

Please join us in praying for her safe & healthy arrival.

Thank you for your continued love and support. We couldn’t make it without each of you in our lives.

Much Love, Gene & Kirsten


The Nelson Family said...

Too cool! I'm going to set up one for us!



John and Marsha Hale said...

We can't wait to meet our new grandaughter, we know she has super parents!
Dad and Marsha

Jody Peters said...

I'm so delighted to hear from you! How wonderful that you are expecting a darling little girl. I will, of course, put all three of you in my daily prayers. It is a never ending source of amazement to me to see ultrasound pictures. I'll look forward to more additions to the website! And, Kirsten, you look GREAT!

Ceytha B said...

I am so excited for you guys and hope that this little one will bring you much joy.

Ceytha B

Shari Storm said...

All three of you look great! I can't wait for 08/07/06!

Anonymous said...

Dear One's

You all look wonderful. I am so happy for you. Kirsten you look very pregnant. I bet right now you feel very pregnant right? I will be down to visit with you, after the crowd clears away. Stay sweet and God Bless all of you.