Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's been REALLY hot for Seattle. Thankfully I've been able to avoid excess weight gain and ankle swelling, but I'm definitely having a hard time sleeping. I can't get comfortable and it's just too hot. That's really the only bad news.

My blood levels are not great, but OK for the moment. The baby is doing great! She's very active at all hours of the day and not anemic or stressed at all. We're checked each week and so far so good. I'm slowing getting exhausted from lack of sleep.

On a fun note, I spent Sunday afternoon in the garage cleaning and oiling the family antique crib. It's from approximately 1881 and I slept in it, as did many relatives before and after me. We believe it was acquired for my Great Great Grandmother in Brooklyn after her family immigrated from Paris. I'm working with my Mother and Grandmother to get the full details. After several more much needed coats of orange oil, I'll doll it up with a new mattress and the bumper & crib set my wonderful coworkers gave me last week. Now where do I put this beautiful set up? The living room will have to do, as we haven't yet cleaned out a bedroom for our new little bundle of joy.

Gene is now working at Boeing and is also working round the clock on our rec room remodel in hopes of finishing it before the baby joins us. Once finished, our office will move to the new room and we'll have an empty room ready to become a nursery. No worries about timing. We do have a bassinet in the corner of our bedroom and a car seat ready to go. Now we just need to pack our bag and we're off...


Anonymous said...

Gene & Kirsten: The crib has a wonderful history and we are so happy you have it and that it is almost refinished. It's beautiful. We hope Gene has time to get the nursery done WHEN he completes the family room. Cause, the baby will keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

The above is from Tom & Mary -- we have a hard time blogging. Ho