Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big Girl Stuff

On July 3 Amelia started wearing her new Dora and Princess panties each day. Or, shall I say, three or four different pair per day! The first day there were three accidents in less than one hour. I immediately threw in the towel (or rather, wet panties & shorts into the washer) and had her return to wearing pull-ups for the next few days because we had several parties to attend.

We then picked it back up again on Monday, July 6. She only had two accidents the entire week. Nice job! The success continues with random accidents here and there. She asks to use the toilet when she needs and it’s soooo much easier than diapers. I didn’t realize making the leap would be so easy for her.

Now on to the next big milestone – she’s sleeping in her new BED! We haven’t found the perfect wood bed frame, but that’s ok. She’s got a brand new mattress, sheets, and pillow set up in the corner of her room on the floor. If she falls out, she doesn’t have far to fall!

We’re at 100% success for the first two nights; no falling out and no wandering. We hope the success continues. She’s sleeping about nine hours straight, which is much better than her recent sleep in the crib. In hindsight, she probably wasn’t comfortable in the crib anymore and it showed in her crazy lack of restful sleep.

Our baby will be three next Saturday. We’ll spend the day together and take her to the aquarium. On Sunday we’ll have her friends over for an official birthday party. It truly is amazing to look back at the pictures of three years ago and realize that in a blink they’re not little babes in our arms.

The journey continues.

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