Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silly or Embarrassing??

Friday after work I picked up Amelia and we headed to the grocery store for a few items. While standing in the check-out line, she looked at me, reached out, squeezed my boob, and asked quite loudly "Mommy, is this your booby?"

I proudly replied "Yes, it is."

I'm glad my daughter was able to give the two teenage baggers a great story to share later with their friends.

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The New MBA said...

Not only am I LOL'ing, I PMPAL (pee'd my pants a little) That was funny.

I ran to the liqueur store a few weeks ago and I had the kids in tow. My five-year-old is reading a teen-drinking warning sign as we stood in line and she says, "Mommy, whats an alcoholic?" It seemed like the whole store stopped in their tracks to look at us. *sigh*