Wednesday, September 03, 2008

She's Two

Yes, Amelia Jean is now two years old. I know it’s true, but I’m not quite sure how we got here so fast. It seems like yesterday when she slept in a swing in the middle of our living room. Now she politely requests her favorite foods (banana and yogurt) as she settles into her chair at the dining room table. She says “yes please” and “thank you.” She can count to twenty in English and ten in Spanish. She's starting to sing four and five letter portions of the alphabet song. She's so very smart! Her sweet disposition is adorable and she’s always giving out big hugs and kisses.

Her birthday week went by amazingly fast. I took the week off to enjoy the festivities. My parents and nephew Cody flew in from Alaska and my Aunt and Uncle drove up from Oregon. We enjoyed a visit to Remlinger Farms and a wonderfully messy seafood feast at the Crab Pot. The weather was HOT; in the 90s all week. Each evening, with all windows wide open and fans running at high speed, we would watch Michael Phelps capture yet another gold medal. Amelia thoroughly enjoyed playing with her nine-year-old cousin and still talks of Papa, Grandma, and Cody’s visit.

On Friday, August 15 we took the birthday girl to the Woodland Park Zoo. She loved the elephants and zebras and then slept through the rest of the visit. I liked the flamingos! Opening gifts with Cody’s assistance was a big thrill. I don’t think she took one bite of her chocolate cupcake, but instead polished off every lick of frosting. Just like her first birthday, the gal crashed quite quickly once the sugar high wore off.

We all had a grand week. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Our little gal is such a blessing.

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how awesome is this?! Congratulations...allison