Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Visit to the Library

Today we visited the library for the first time. Immediately upon entering the parking lot Amelia screamed "Mooooommmmy!!! Two Trucks!!!" You would have thought the sky was falling. She had simply seen some trucks driving down the road.

I replied "That's nice" or "OK" or something like that.

She then said "I know" with complete confidence. Whatever. The chats we have these days are just too funny.

Our visit inside the library was uneventful. She admired the rows of books, sat down and read a few, and then we left. That was our first visit. Maybe next time we'll make if for storytime.

Back to before the outing - This morning when she first woke up I asked her if she'd like to sit on the potty.

Her polite response was "no."

I asked again if she'd like to try to go potty.

She then said "no try."

I changed her diaper and we went downstairs for breakfast.

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