Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quick Update

A wonderful day visiting Great Aunt Clarkie at her home in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

Someone is sure enjoying the hotel room!

Great Grandma Jean's childhood chair from Panama.

Grandma Jean, Kirsten, & Amelia

Amelia's doing great! She’s talkin' more and more each day. She’s hasn’t shown too much interest in using the toilet lately so we'll wait a while before coming back to that. She loves her gymnastics class and going to Jump Planet with her friends to, well, JUMP!!! Swimming is now a routine she anticipates since she’s been going most Saturdays since she was eight months old. She laughs and plays in the water and has little fear of it. That was our goal! Check.

We went to Monrovia last month to visit Grandma Jean and Great Aunt Clarkie for a weekend. It was a delightful time getting to visit with family and let them enjoy Amelia as we do each and every day. The plane ride down was not too much fun for anyone as Amelia got sick with a fever and ear infection the morning we were to leave. She most certainly didn’t like the landing but the plane ride home four days later was a non-issue. She’s a traveling fool with eight flights under her belt and a brand new passport in hand ready for her first international venture.

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