Monday, April 28, 2008

The First Six!

Amelia had a big weekend; or rather, Mom was very happy that Amelia had such a great time on this one particularly important event. Yep, it's official - Amelia loves her bike trailer!

After last summer's poor performance, we were skeptical of what would happen. We arrived at Bothell Landing, put her helmet on no problem, buckled her into the trailer, still no problem, and took off. That was it. We kept waiting for the screams of disapproval that we heard a year ago, but there were none. Well, only a few down the road when her helmet strap got askew, she dropped her water bottle and couldn't reach it, or saw her snacks and immediately wanted one.

We completed six miles which includes a stop at the park for dinner - Subway sandwiches. A perfect evening! Mom, the closest cyclist for the past three years, is smiling.

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