Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talk Talk Talk

“Oooooh Wow” when she sees something new or something she really likes.

“Tank U”

“Sit sit” when sitting down on the bottom step to put on her “Shuuz”.

“Dog ga” Dog
“Wuf wuf” is the sound the dog makes. We don’t even have a dog. We have a cat.

Our little gal is full of words and is so very animated. What fun we’re having with her; big hugs, lots of kisses, smiles that never end. It’s all good. We’re quite tired of course, but isn’t that what we signed up for?

On Friday, February 15 Amelia will be 1½ years old. How did that happen?

For the past year we’ve been taking her to swimming lessons every Saturday morning. She’s become quite a water baby as she goes underwater, blows bubbles, and climbs out of the pool using proper techniques she’s learned.

Last week we took her to her first gymnastics class. The trampoline was a huge hit and complete entertainment for us. We’re going again tomorrow because we all had so much fun.

Stay tuned for more Amelia!


The New MBA said...

What a great post! We need to get the kids together again. We just enrolled Lex (age 2) in ballet. After the first class, I asked her how she liked it, her response?

"TEACHER SAID I GET TO COME BACK AGAIN!!" Big claps and smiles.

Little kids are so dang fun.

Heidi said...

Happy 1+1/2!! I love checking in on you guys like this - it makes the miles melt away.

Anonymous said...

She is growing so fast. Kids are just the funnest at this age. Keep the postings coming. I love seeing pictures and hearing about what she's doing and how you are. Take Care and God Bless you guys. Lori Ryser