Monday, November 26, 2007

So Advanced!

Did I mention how advanced she is? I’ll get to her momentous achievement in a moment. smile wink

Earlier this month I was traveling to Winnipeg, Canada on business. Yes, Winnipeg in November. Brrrr. Gene and Amelia smartly stayed home while I wondered if she would notice I was gone for four days. A few nights into my trip, Gene told me she dropped a toy that made a loud crashing noise. This tripped the glass break alarm on our home alarm system. It’s just a quick ‘beep beep’ and is the same sound each door makes when it’s opened. After hearing the two beeps from dropping her toy, Amelia ran toward the front door looking for me to walk through it. Yep, she missed me. smile wink

OK, now for her two firsts for the day.

1) After 15 months, she finally got her first ear infection. This diagnosis followed a weekend full of fevers, runny nose, and SIX new teeth. Thanksgiving this year was not fun at our house.

2) You already heard a few weeks ago about peeing in her new toilet just a few days after we bought it. Well, tonight, I’m proud to say she pooped in it! Now that’s cool!

smile wink

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Regan said...

She's beautiful! Keep posting because we check often and it's like a little treat when you have a new posting. Happy Holidays! Moir's