Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Kid can Travel

Amelia is now a pro at air travel. We recently made a very special trip to Arizona and California to introduce her to her Grandfather and Great Grandmother. She’s now met all her grandparents except one – my Dad! We had a great time with family and enjoyed a bit of sunny weather in Monrovia, CA.

She’s a big girl now as she rides in her stroller sitting up. No more baby here. This kid can also move across rooms like it’s nothing. We’re definitely entering a new stage. The full crawl is only weeks away and we’re not ready.

Besides sifting through rental receipts to complete our taxes, we’re diving into our home remodel/update head first. After two years of getting nothing done, we’re hiring out for it. We’re simply too busy enjoying Amelia. The yard is well underway and the contractors will be showing up soon to rehab both bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s all very exciting.

Enjoy the pics!


Regan said...

Your Dad needs to get on the stick! or airplane rather!! I know your gonna see this Will! I'm glad the trip was a success and love the photos! Take care and just kidding Will, hope you and Jan are doing well also.

Gene & Kirsten said...

Apparently all my father needed was a public flogging. He called upon reading the blog and now owns an airline ticket for this Friday. Amelia can't wait to meet him! Thanks Dad! We love you.

Nona said...

Well Little Miss Amelia is growing fast! Gene looks like his Dad and little Amelia looks like her Daddy. Whew, I can still see a little bit of you Kirsten. I enjoyed catching up on all the news.