Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter in Seattle

Second snow? Third snow? Who’s counting. Amelia has enjoyed lots of snow during her first winter.

How else has Miss Lowry been spending her time? She’s rolling over in all directions. She’s also crawling around the living room; the early crawling which could be better described as a caterpillar move. Each morning you never know which area of her crib she’ll be occupying. She turns her head to her name and constantly laughs when talked to. She’s such a delight. I didn’t want to put her to bed last night because we were having so much fun playing.

Her next adventure will be her first airplane flight to visit lots of grandparents and great grandparents in two different states.


ceytha b said...

What a sweetheart!!

Maya&Alicia's Mama said...

I'm officially jealous. 14 pounds? Caterpillar crawling? She's probably already making double consonant sounds too huh. Lucky ducks. I wish we lived closer so I could see her and Alicia and her could laugh at each other!

Anonymous said...

Hummm, flying with a baby.....have fun! :) No really, it's not as bad as what you think. At least it wasn't for me. She is adorable, love her eyes. Thinking of guys often. Lori R.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for you guys! Hope to see you soon.