Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

... It's off to work I go.

I started back to work on Nov. 7. The transition has been good for me, despite all the horror stories I had heard from everyone. It's actually nice to use my brain on a higher level and interact with my wonderful coworkers. I did miss them, as I was out of the office for about four months.

I get up early (4:30 am), but that's about the worst of my schedule. I arrive at Nintendo around 6:45 am while Gene stays home with Amelia. They meet me at my office at 1:15 pm, we switch vehicles (if you have the baby, you get the nice car), and he's off to work at Boeing. My shift with Amelia ends when Gene arrives back home around midnight. Gene and I don't see much of each other except on weekends, but it's best for Amelia and that's what counts. Amelia has adjusted just fine to her new schedule. She’s such a terrific and easy baby.


Maya&Alicia's Mama said...

I think part of the "horror stories" might have more to do with sending kids to daycare. THAT is a total drag! It is SO much less of a worry to have her home with her mommy and daddy ;) Is she trying to roll over? How's her head control? I see she's wearing a bib, does that mean drool....LOTS of drool?!

The New MBA said...

Speaking from experience, I think fathers bond more with their children when they act as sole care givers for a portion of every day.

I am glad going back to work wasn't horrible for you. I am like you in that I like the balance it provides.

I do not however, like 4:30 am one bit.