Sunday, August 20, 2006

Really Really Tired

Wow, we had a rough night. It seems that our little angel likes to power nap during the day for up to four hours and then power feed non-stop at night. Today we're going to try and make some changes by either A) waking her to feed her more often than we have, B) just power nap with her which we've been really bad at doing (there's so much to do around here), or C) cry with her when she cries because we have no energy to do anything else. The likely solution probably won't be C, but it might just give us an outlet for a moment.
Gosh, who knew that it could take three days to plan an outing to buy a rocking chair or that I, Miss Organization, would be late in paying the bills. Now that HAS to get done today, but I'm not quite sure when or how. Wish us luck!
Know that even at the worst, we still look at each other and say we wouldn't have it any other way. We're having a wonderful time caring for our precious Amelia.


kwsuydam said...

Don't worry Kirsten and Gene. Life will be normal again in 18 years.Ha. Nona

Tom Davies said...

Welcome to parenthood! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Pix of Mom and Dad show the joy you are experiencing...again, congratulations! Hope you get on a better schedule asap.

All my best,


Anonymous said...

I am happy to finally log onto to this great site for the first time. Kirt you are fantastic - what a great website. I am really happy for you and Gene. Your daughter is beautiful. I know you are going to have many sleepless nights, but this is a time you will NEVER forget. This is a part of the blessing. Hang in there, definately take naps and the organized person of old - you just need to readjust to a new multitasker as you have one great new priority. Don't feel guilty or worry about what needs to get done, life has changed and change is good. You are going to be great parents.

Anonymous said...

Your website is wonderful and you all look like a happy, healthy family. Like everyone has already told you get sleep when you can, accept help from everyone, eat right and take care of yourself in this process. I know that you will overcome all of this and soon it will all just be a memory. Time goes extremely quickly when these little tikes are growing up. Your photo journal will be great to see. Take care. Joanne

Maya&Alicia's Mama said...

Ummmmm......proud parents that you are, we already know what you and Gene look about some good up-close shots of the BABY???
FYI: I just created my own blogspot so you can "critique" mine ;)

Jody said...

Hopefully you've had some better nights (or lots of cat naps!) Don't worry about "stuff" will eventually get done - or not! These new baby days just don't last very long so enjoy every moment.

By the way, in these pictures, Amelia looks just like a little Gene! They even have the same expression!


Anonymous said...

Let her power nap at night and wake her after 2 hours of power napping during the day! :)

lisa oliviera said...

You look so great kiddo! Both of you need to post photo's after the first month of wake ups too!! :) I'm really happy for you both and you have a beautiful daughter. Keep on posting those pictures, she is a joy to see. All our love, Lisa, David, Shealynn and Cole

Kim & Matt said...

Congratulations to the both of you. We are very excited for you guys. We'll be there soon. Any advice?
Kim and Matt

Anonymous said...

Hope your getting some sleep. You guys look great! Contrary to Nona's comment, I don't think life is ever the same. haha!! ;) But it definently gets easier in 18 years. Love you guys! -Lori