Sunday, August 06, 2006

Due Date

Well, my due date of Monday August 7 is almost here and unless we have a very eventful evening starting about right now, the day might just come and go as all the others. We'll definitely let you know just as soon as possible when something happens.

I'm tired, uncomfortable, and hot because of the weather. Thankfully the heat subsided for the past few weeks, but I fear it's on the rise again. Thanks to my friend Geraldine, we've got AC in our home now!! Excellent!

My blood levels are holding steady and the baby seems to be tolerating her mild anemia well. My sciatica nerve is pinched really bad now so walking is very painful. Other than that, we're all doing well. We're just so excited for the next chapter to begin! We're ready to go whenever this baby decides to make her entrance! Soon would be nice, as it's getting old being so very pregnant.

Stay tuned,
Gene & Kirsten


Heather Snyder said...

I am so excited for your home. It is growing! Totally fascinated with all of your updates and our family will be praying for the delivery. Can't wait to hear how everything goes. Remember to pack a catchers mitt for Gene.

Heidi said...

How True! (about the Catcher's mitt) You did know that Shannon's the one that actually "caught" Emma, right? The doctor didn't make it in time!! What a great bonding experience, but may be a little much for a 1st time dad! Hang in there kiddo! Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Once you're up every two hours with feeding and changing being preg. isn't going to seem so bad after all!! I hope all is well for you and your family can be there for the birth. Regan PS tell them hello.

Jody said...

Okay, she's now "overdue" by two days, so let's get busy baby! :) Today is a full moon, and my country grandmother believed it was good to have a baby during a full moon. Maybe today will be the day. Have some soft chocolate ice cream while you're always helped me!