Monday, September 28, 2009

Third Birthday

In looking back, I realize that I didn't mention Amelia's third birthday festivities. Gosh, it was a weekend extravaganza!

We started with a celebration at school on Friday. This mom brought cupcakes and juice for the kids and the teacher took some pictures. Amelia was so excited for her party at school.

On Saturday, August 15 we had our family celebration. We spent the day downtown at the Seattle Aquarium and had lunch at Ivar's. She got a fancy dessert with a candle in it from the waiter and we sang happy birthday to her. At home we opened presents and she fell into bed so tired she didn't play with any of them.

Sunday was the big ELMO birthday party. We invited her playgroup and a few other friends. The kids played with bubbles, the soccer net, and the parachute. We also played a game of pin the nose on ELMO. Everyone had a blast and the weather was perfect.

Amelia had quite a birthday weekend and now has all kinds of new toys to play with. Thanks everyone!

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