Sunday, May 31, 2009

Manipulation Skills and Funnies

I’ve been keeping all kinds of notes on the funny things that Amelia’s been doing. Before the list gets any longer, I’m finally posting them for you all to enjoy.

April 13
Last month Amelia began practicing her manipulation skills. She’s been potty training for a few months now and she’s slowing getting the hang of it. I got her set up on the toilet and returned in a few minutes to check on her progress. To my surprise, I found that she was off the toilet and quickly flushing it as I walked in.

She proudly told me that she pooped AND peed. This would be big news if it really did happen, but now the evidence was gone. Upon inspection in the clean up department (wiping the ole bottom), there was nothing.

She LIED to me! I’m sure it won’t be the first time.


April 14
The next day Amelia told me that she didn’t want to go to school. When we were about a block from school (she knows the way and knows when we’re near), she closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping. When I parked the car she was faking the sounds of snoring. I was cracking up. She played limp when I picked her up out of the car seat. Too funny.


April 15
As I walked into her bedroom, I asked her how she slept.

With a happy pitch, she exclaimed “PERFECT!”

She's not always this happy first thing in the morning.


April 30
While sitting on the couch, I told Amelia she was growing and getting so big.

She looked outside at her dad mowing the front lawn and said, “I’m not growing. The grass is growing.”

I cracked up and said “You’re funny.”

Amelia replied, “Yeah.”


May 6
Now this a funny story that happened at school, told to me by Amelia’s teacher.

The kids were all in a circle and they were practicing counting. There are at least four different languages being spoken in the homes of her classmates (English, Spanish, Japanese, & Portuguese) and as a class, they all learn from each other.

The teacher looked at Mila and asked her to count to ten in her first language of Japanese. Mila politely declined and didn’t want to count this day.

That’s when Amelia piped up and said she had Japanese. She was patting her knees and stating “I have JapaKNEES.”

Both teachers cracked up.

She’s just so funny!


May 15
I brought home my work laptop and had it on the table instead of my personal laptop.

Amelia noticed the difference and asked “Mommy, your new compooter?”

I said yes and told her it was from work.

She then pointed to the front cover where the round Dell logo is and asked “Does it have an apple on it?”

She then corrected herself and said “No, it has a round circle on it.”

I was shocked. Where in the world did she get that? We don’t (yet) have Apple laptops. We don’t let her watch much television at all. How in the world does she know that some laptops have apple logos on the covers? Crazy world full of marketing! She got it somewhere?

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