Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Naxbar = Snack Bar

Gamespa = Football

“Scooz me” = “Excuse me” when she sneezes.

“MMMmmmmm, that smells Gooood.” She’s said this several times as we changed her very poopy diaper. Weird.


While with Grandma in California, we stopped by a drive-through for lunch to allow Amelia a longer nap. She had been sound asleep for an hour when we placed our order. Before we made it to the next window to pay, she says from her seat “How aboooout ice cream?”

She’s not one to be left out of anything.

We’re still laughing.


On our flight back from California last month, while getting settled in our airline seats, Amelia stated “Fasten your seatbelt Mommy."


I was in Phoenix all last week at a training event for work and apparently Amelia missed me bad. Our twin teenage babysitters Sammi and Sarah weren’t available on one of the nights that we needed their help. Instead of one of them coming over to our house, I arranged for Amelia to go to their house and play with their mom for a while.

When the night arrived, Gene told Amelia that she was going to Sammi and Sarah’s house to see their mommy. She politely stated “No, I want to see my mommy!”


Today Amelia told Gene “Mommy has an ouwee on her leg. She has to go see someone.”

My leg is just fine. I have no idea what she’s talking about.


I’ll keep writing them down as she says ‘em!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! I love it! Lori

Anonymous said...

yes, indeed, a jewel! Hugs! Allison

Anonymous said...

She's just too cute!

Ceytha B