Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Amelia

Last week one morning while getting ready, Amelia asked me what I was doing. She was sitting on our bed reading books while I was just around the corner in the bathroom brushing my teeth.

I poked my head around the corner with toothbrush in mouth to inform her of my current doings.

She then proudly stated “Good Job Mommy!”


A few days ago at breakfast I asked her if her oatmeal tasted good.

She replied solidly without questioning “I think so!”


Today Amelia was in the car with me while I filled the car with gas. I try to fill up when I’m by myself because I don’t like her being strapped into her carseat while I’m pumping the flammable liquid. Just one of my quirks.

With that said, she hasn’t been to a gas station very many times.

When we arrived, I announced that we were going to get some gasoline.

She questioned “For my yips?”

I said “No, not Vasoline for your lips. We’re getting gasoline for the car.”

Amelia matter-of-factly said “Oooooh, OK.”

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