Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I stepped out of the shower this morning to hear a sweet rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep coming from Amelia’s dark room. She sang the whole song several times.

When she heard me walking around, she shouted “Mom… Mom…”

I didn’t answer.

“I go play now.” she shouted politely.

Again I didn’t answer.

“Hey! Guys! I go play now. Mom. Dad. Mom” And it continued.

All this came from her dark bedroom while she stood in her crib. She cracks us up.

Funnie #2

I’ve been having some pretty bad back pain and have been limping around for over a week now. Last weekend Gene was trying to help me by rubbing my back. At one point, he hit the sore spot and I screamed.

The next thing you know, Amelia shouts at us “Daddy! Be nice to Mommy!”

Funnie #3

Last month our little comedian came running out of her room, having donned her pink Easter beret, with her hands up and growling, and confidently stated “I’m a tiger!”

She’s a hoot!

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