Saturday, July 19, 2008


Wow - June was a busy month and July hasn’t been any slower. It seemed that during June every time we turned around Amelia was sleeping. In one weekend she attended two birthday parties and crashed immediately thereafter each one of them. Then the following weekend she slept through our entire visit to the Edmonds Arts Festival. It looks like she’s finally getting her last four teeth – the incisors, but they’re taking forever to push through. And then there are still the four two-year molars that haven't even started to make an appearance. Maybe this is contributing to her sleepiness.

We’ve been to the Edmonds waterfront several times since the weather has turned nice. We pack a picnic lunch and Amelia sorts through all the goodies in the sand.

Amelia is officially 23 months old and the countdown has begun to birthday number two!!! We’re taking it REAL low key this year, unlike last year’s first party blitz with 35 guests. My parents are flying in from Alaska with my nephew Cody and my aunt & uncle from Portland happen to be in town. Gene’s mom, sister, & nieces might also join us. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on the birthday celebration.

Today we’re off to check out the Solar Festival in Shoreline. Who knows where we’ll end up after that? Maybe back at the beach in Edmonds.

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