Friday, May 04, 2007

Time Flies!

Where has the month gone? Our family was sick for nearly an entire month. Then my dad joined us for a quick weekend visit; very fun! Amelia is now over eight months old and we can’t even believe it. I’m already thinking of ideas for her birthday party. Actually, I think we’ll have more than one party. Doesn’t everyone do that?
Last week she was exposed to Chicken Pox at her school. Two days later we’re still pox-free. Keep your fingers crossed. Thursday, May 10th we head to Children’s Hospital to meet her team of hematologists. The responsible parent in me says to call ahead to ensure she’s safe to be up there with her recent exposure. There are a lot of very sick children there who certainly don’t need chicken pox. I feel fortunate that we’re only going in for a consultation and a blood draw.
Enjoy the pics. I love the Easter dress and hat!


Anonymous said...

Amelia is so cute. Her big round eyes- gotta love em. Oh the joys of having's not so bad having the pox when they're as little as Amelia. It's better to get it over with early. I think of you guys often. Good luck with the pox.....Take care. -Lori

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! She is so cute. You're looking good too. I agree with Lori on the Chicken Pox thing. You may want to ask the DR. if she does get them and it seems as though she may have a bad case to give her a Rx for some acyclovir. You have to catch it right at the beginning though. Madison did not have it and had a bad case Morgan did have it and it was not as bad. Love, Regan

Anonymous said...

Lovely, just lovely :) I hope to see you again in person one of these months...and hopefully I will get an invite to one of the many birthday #1 parties. Hugs! Allison