Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Mom - Healthy Baby

Well, today didn't go as planned. I dressed up Amelia for her school pictures today. Yes, we call it school instead of day care. It's easier on our hearts. We're certainly not worried about her care as the place is fabulous; we simply feel guilty. So we'll call it school.

This is only her second week and she LOVES it. She hasn't shed a tear yet and the only downside is that she's having so much fun she doesn't want to nap. We get a very tired and sometimes cranky kid to play with for the evening.

So I dressed her up for her pictures this morning and then thought we would just swing by Children's Hospital real quick for her blood draw. Am I dense? Apparently. Three hours later with one screaming baby with three needle pokes in her arms, I'm on my way home to start the peace treaty!

She's napping now and has been for over two hours. She did not have a good time this morning.

Now don't panic about the Children's Hospital visit as she was probably the healthiest kid there today. Remember my diagnosis during pregnancy of Hereditary Spherocytosis (June 14, 2006 blog post)? We're checking to see if Amelia inherited it. There's nothing really to it other than a bit of anemia and possibly an enlarged spleen. Better to know now rather than a surprise diagnosis during pregnancy.

Good thing the photographer at school has a two day gig. We'll catch them tomorrow.


Maya&Alicia's Mama said...

What a ham! That girl is always up for a laugh! How CUTE!!! At this rate she'll be walking before Alicia! I wish we could photograph them together because I think they are probably pretty similar in build. Long, lean string beans. They could roll around and clean the floors in tandem.

Nona said...

I was just thinking the same thing, she is the same weight as Alicia! Those girls are going to be playing together some day! Her hair looks like it is getting lighter. Those eyes can't get any blue-er. What a sweetie!