Monday, July 17, 2006

Full Term Today!

Yep, we made it - all three of us! Today marks the 37th week of pregnancy and thus a full term baby. Our official due date is August 7, but she could arrive any day now. We're thrilled, nervous, anxious, and in complete disbelief that we may actually become parents this time.
I'm home resting now per doctor's orders. They're watching my blood closely and so far no need for a transfusion. Because my red blood cell levels are so low, I'm just really really tired. They're also watching the baby's blood. They scan her brain each week with the ultrasound machine and can use the data to determine if she's anemic. The past two weeks she has shown some signs that may indicate she too has inherited spherocytosis from her mother. Either way, she's just fine at the moment. After birth she may have a bit of jaundice, but this likely may be the only extent of the illness for her.
That's it for now. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring!


Jody Peters said...

You were on my mind all day I know why. Yippee! Just relax and read a lot of great books; this may be your last chance for a while!

Prayers and thoughts are with you.

Take care,

Joanne Ward said...

I have been thinking about you a lot lately take care of yourself. Be strong and do as the doctors say. I will check in next week. Metha will be bummed that your new arrival is not this month, her birthday is 7/21. Beautify craddle. My thoughts are with you.
Thinking of You all,

Shari Storm said...

This is a milestone for celebration! Congratulations.

Regan Moir said...

Great! I'm glad you're so on top of things (as if you wouldn't be). I've been checking your site out often and I look foward to hearing all about the next few weeks. Hang in there and we're thinking of you and your family. Regan